As a doctor, I take patients’ feedback to heart. I am always looking for ways to improve and provide a better health care experience to my patients.

Unfortunately there were some shortcomings in some clinics I worked at, where I had no control over the staff training and clinic policies. Some of these shortcomings resulted in negative experiences for some patients. I have to apologize if I let my frustration towards the clinic show when the situation was truly outrageous, such as squeezing more people in than I asked for, or repeatedly booking patients under the wrong doctor’s schedules. I have given my feedback to those clinics and I believe they are working on improving their systems. The only way I can truly address these concerns for my patients, though, is to reflect on these shortcomings and run a better clinic.

Now that I have opened my own clinic and take control and responsibility in how the clinic is run, I can finally implement my idea of a good family practice. Already some patients comment on how I look positively happier in my new clinic, where I I can provide the standard of care that I strive for.

I welcome any constructive feedback, be it in person or anonymously. I am especially interested in having feedback on my new Mango Medical Clinic, whose faults I may be able to do something about.

Of course, if you have feedback that you want to share with the world, there is a public forum on to do so.